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Light Therapy

Before the times of new modern medicine it did take a long time to heal wounds and illnesses.  It should make someone think about how those problems were even healed at all.  The answer is easy.  The answer is light. Sunlight was and still is a great cure for illnesses and wounds and is rarely used today.  Those that practice alternative medicine are looking to light therapy as a new and natural cure for many different types of problems with the physical and emotional body.

The average person is a whole lot busier than people back before modern medicine.  It would not make sense for someone to spend hours in the sun and have this just heal something that can be cured in no time when using a pill.  It is possible to be cured by light like sunlight.  Spending an hour or so in the sun can cure a headache.  Having longer exposure can help to protect a wound from becoming infected.

With this information, current alternative medicine professionals are using the healing power of light in order to help their patients with the physical and emotional problems that they have.  There are a few different techniques that are used and depending on how severe the problem is.  Some of the therapists use fluorescent bulbs next to their patients and have them sit by them for a few hours.  Doing this procedure will help and the patient will be able to read so that they do not focus their attention on the lights.  Another good use is to cure the aches and pains that people have in the body with intense light with a smaller beam and have it shine on the part of the body that is in pain. 

Using light therapy is known to help cure several disorders but the most common is a winter type depression.  This is a mental and physical condition of depression that occurs during the winter months.  It is a theory that this depression will come because of the lack of sunlight and in may places during the winter months.  Exposure to light will make up for this problem and it will hopefully get rid of the winter depression.  This is just one idea that will show you how light therapy will work in the ideas of the medicine world today. 

  © Mirza Rais 2010

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